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The concomitant use of procyclidine with some neuroleptics for the treatment of extrapyramidal symptoms has been associated with a reduction in neuroleptic plasma concentrationsHowever this reduction is unlikely to be associated with a significant reduction in clinical effect.

Other commonly used tricyclic antidepressantsincluding amoxapineAsendindesipramineNorpraminimipramineTofranilnortriptylinePamelorand protriptylineVivactil

You can develop uncontrolled movements of your face and tonguetardive dyskinesiaThe dose of either of your medicines may need to be horseswithhope cialis htm. adjustedunusual body movementsparticularly of your handsarms and legs which may have previously been occurring with the medicine for your mental illness can be made worse by the addition of Kemadrin.

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